07 May 2013

Comic Genius

Damn it feels good to be linking Iowahawk again....

so anyway, today's assignment is a two-step process.  I assume you already have at least a passing familiarity with the original three Star Wars movies.

First, watch this:

Come on, watch it already.  You haven't heard it in years.
Now that the Marty Robbins classic if fresh in you head, go read THIS.
Dave Burge of Iowahawk fame is a comic genius.
No one else on the planet, past, present, or future could re-tell the story line from the original Star Wars franchise to the tune of El Paso:
"I hit the star-brakes and did a u-turn
Artoo he let out a squee-eee-ee-eal
I hit the switches, look out you bitches
I dropped the clutch and away I did peel"
more soon



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