09 May 2013

Random Thoughts and things you should read about Benghazi

and some off-standard content...

so anyway, I managed to catch about an hour of the Benghazi hearings yesterday, and have been reading the inter-web net-tubes, as is my habit.  A couple of things caught my eye:

Polliwog ends her hiatus with a parable.  I've heard of something like this, but I just can't place it...

Ragin' Dave has absolutely no doubts about Benghazi.  I'm in the same camp.

Your first destination for anything involving the State Department, sorry, The Department of State should be Consul-at-Arms.  He has an "outsider's insider's view"  (as in: he's a Department of State Foreign Service Officer, so he knows how things are 'sposed to work; but he's outside the Benghazi loop):

"The Benghazi story certainly seems to have heated-up again this week, with three “whistle-blowers” reportedly coming forward to testify before Congress.
CAA has a few thoughts and observations, but first the caveats and digressions..."
Finally, Jeff Goldstein has had enough:
They sicken me in a way I cannot even put into words — and that’s saying something, given my occasionally-documented facility with the language.  These people are monsters of a sort, but even that appellation can do their rank cynicism and their easy disregard for conscience no real justice.
Read the whole thing(s)

In other "off-standard" news, I had an interview this afternoon that went very well, after which I went to the range and proceeded to shoot like a spastic retarded monkey on crack.  So I'm not posting any targets anytime soon.

more soon

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