25 May 2013

Saturday Night Video (Updated)

stealing a page from Stephen "VodkaPundit" Green....

So anyway, I just discovered End of the Line by Traveling Wilburys a few weeks ago and it's rapidly becoming one of my all time favorite songs:

How I missed this when it was first out, I'll never know.
I was curious as to who the drummer was: it was Jim Keltner, a well respected session drummer who has played with everyone you can think of.  Watching Keltner on the 'Wilburys' videos, I noted three things: One, Keltner understands Mr.Paul Anka's definition of who the most important person(s) on the stage are*. B, he looks like he's a man just doin' his job flawlessly, and III, he looks like he's having a flaming metric as-tonne of fun doing it.
more soon
*I'm trying to find the link for the "Mr.Paul Anka" reference,  I'll update the post when I find it.
thanks to sven10077 from Saturday night's ONT for the Mr.Paul Anka link

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At 26 May, 2013 22:36, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You need to hear the album to appreciate all of the talent there.


At 28 May, 2013 10:36, Blogger Unknown said...

Yea, you need to listen to the albums for full effect. If Roy Orbison hadn't died I can't imagine what this group could have done...


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