18 June 2013

Travelling Tales

Greetings from Walker, Michigan...

so anyway, tonight finds me holed up in a hotel room with a couple of hand guns, a bottle of Val-U-Rite Vodka, and an internet connection, so all is well and right in my world.  I laced up my steel-toed boots at 0547 this morning; I just sat down thirty minutes ago (Business Travel!  It's just like being on Vacation!).  I actually did manage some "me" time in the interim, so it's not like I've been slavin' away for the past sixteen hours.

There were some highlights: as I was merging on to WB I-96 from NB US-23 this morning, a short caravan passed me:  (turn your sound off, 'cause the audio is nothing but road noise)

Yes, that's three 2014 Corvette Stingrays on a shake-down run.  I caught up to them and the four of us moved in lock step for about 100 miles.  Not quite NASCAR "drafting" tight, but a tighter formation than you would normally be comfortable in freeway traffic.  If you gotta drive from just outside the wire of The Peoples Republik is AnnArbor to the Grand Rapids area, there are worse ways to pass the time and miles.

There's a (cool) Stoopid Business angle to the 'Vette chase, but I'm tired of The Stoopid Business right now.  Perhaps later.

So then it was to the plant with my clipboard and stop-watch, the meetings, the conference calls, yada yada yada....

Five-ish, I tool a break and went here for a little "recoil therapy".  Silver Bullet Firearms Indoor Range.  What a super place.  I again shot like a spastic, retarded monkey on crack (it was really bad...less than 90% on the paper, let alone in any of the rings...I gotta get this vision thing fixed, although, in critical incident shooting at a silhouette, I can still do 80% within the 8-ring and 100% within the 7-ring.  CBM, I'm OK.  Perhaps there is something to this "combat point-shooting" craze...).

Afterwords, I chatted up the staff on topics ranging from .45ACP to pump-action rifles chambered in .357 magnum.  Good Times.

Then it was back to the plant, for a couple of hours of clipboard / stop-watch time.

Then a phone-in order to Mr.Gyros's (which I recommend), and finally to the hotel.

It has been a long day.

more soon

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Most conservatives including Mr Ronny are certifiable nuts?


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