17 August 2013

Saturday Night Video

the song pre-dates the "music video" era...just listen

so anyway, I've always been a big fan of Joe Walsh, long before everyone went gaga over "Life's Been Good".  Rocky Mountain Way was his first song to hit it big, number 23 on the charts in 1973.

More info on Joe Walsh can be found here.  The link to his "official" web-site is here.

I don't know his political leanings.  I'd like to believe that he's centrist, at worst.  My take-away from Rocky Mountain Way is that he is one of us; that he sees through the bullshit.  Then again, Rocky Mountain Way was written and recorded during the Nixon Administration.  I still regard the song as a blank canvas that we all can project our hopes and aspirations upon (where have I heard that shit before?)

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