22 October 2013

Another Member of The Tribe

First Time Shooter Report

so anyway, back on Friday 11OCT13, a couple of colleagues and I went to the Island Lake Shooting Range to shoot the Sporting Clays range.  One of my colleagues was a mid-twenty-something young woman who had never fired a gun before.  (Yes, I know, taking a first time shooter to do sporting clays borders on cruel.  I didn't set it up, it just happened that way.  She's a Virginia Tech Engineering grad.  She dealt with it.)

On the first station, eight clays were presented.  She dusted the eighth, and was totally geeked.  By the fifteenth shot (out of 50), she was soliciting advice: what am I doing wrong? / why do you do that thing when you shoot? / can you see where my shots are going? / etc.

It was glorious.

We got "timed out" on the course and didn't get to shoot the last station.  The range staff came out and picked us up in a golf cart and carted us back up to the clubhouse.

We settled our bills (in compliance with my long-standing policy, I covered her range fees.  First time shooters shoot for free) and made our way out to the truck Fusion.

She was walking on sunshine.  About halfway back to the car, she turned to us and said "Next time, can we do rifles or pistols?"

Yes, Ma'am.  We can do both. All day.  

She has added pics of her shooting to her FaceSpace page; and has gone on about how many "Likes" she's received; and how she's told the "Dis-likes" to piss off.

We just added another member of The Tribe.  She's hooked.  I mentioned that Hello Kitty guns are available, she punched me in the chest.  (Again, Virginia Tech Engineering grad.  She holds her own)

more soon

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