22 July 2014

Pure, semi-informed speculation

just some thoughts on the news of the day...

so anyway, I'm sure you've seen the news that the FAA has prohibited US flights into Tel Aviv, and that several European airlines have suspended flights to Tel Aviv as well.

Serious You Guys, the terrorist have won.

Having proven that they can shoot down any air-liner, anywhere, they have made El Al the safest airline on the planet.

Imagine Hamas (or the Ukrainian separatist) targeting an El Al air-liner.   Can you imagine the Israeli response?  I can.  The "Wrath of God" comes to mind.  Given the choice between El Al and Quantas, I'm flying El Al.  Air France, Delta, US Air, et al can all be targeted because western civilization no longer has balls.

The Israelis do.

We live in interesting times.  Which sucks.  I have twin 14-YO daughters and a 10-YO son.  This was not the world I meant to leave them.  All I can offer is a ridiculous stock-pile of ammo and a certain cold deposition.

more soon


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