30 July 2006

Trouble In Mind

Lawd, I'm feelin' blue

so anyway, I am increasingly funked out by this whole mess that Jeff Goldstein finds himself in. I touched on this last night. I spent the past hour reading through the comments of Jeff's last post on the issue (and hours are hard to come by in my world). Go read and understand, I can not recap the issue without reposting all of Protein Wisdom.

"Pissed off" would be an understatement of my present mood. I've been reading Goldstein forever and a day, and I link to his work often. I wish Jeff and his family all the best, and hope that this whole stinkin' mess can be layed to rest soon.

It's all just sick. Just what you'd expect from the moonbat leftards.

I've just listened to Trouble In Mind (Brian Knight/Peter Green/Ian Stewart/Charlie Watts) (Yes, that Peter Green & that Charlie Watts) for the literally 50th time tonight. doG, do I love the Blues.

It just seems to fit, somehow. More soon.

Go to bed. It's late and tommorrow is another day.


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