04 July 2008

Outstanding rant

from an unexpected source

so anyway, this is spot on. It's from a Stoopid Business™ (automotive industry) web-site that is usually concentrated on the "inside baseball" news of the Stoopid Business™.

This week, Peter De Lorenzo of Autoextremist fame goes large. A taste from The Price of Independence:

.....And now, with rocketing gasoline prices pushing Detroit to the brink of disaster, and the crushing housing situation actually getting worse, this nation is facing a perfect storm of circumstances the likes of which it hasn’t had to face since the onset of World War II.

Back then the automobile industry responded to a national need unlike any other part of the manufacturing sector. From April 1942 until the beginning of 1945, no cars were produced in the United States. Detroit’s entire output was given over to producing war machines and the materials this country needed. Think about that for a moment.

Yes, it was a different time and a different era, but I would argue that the biggest difference back then was that this country was at war, but not at war with itself like it is today. Back then there was a common goal that unified this country like no other time before, or since.

Today, we’ve become a nation of warring factions hell-bent on destroying each other, even if it means destroying this country from within in the process.
Emphasis mine, of course. You must read the whole thing.



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