06 October 2008

Monday 06OCT08

29 days to go....

so anyway, sorry for the late posting. The weekend didn't go the way I had planned, and TheBoss was working me hard all day. All the linky goodness I had queued up over the weekend to post is old new by now.

So we'll start fresh, as of 22:55 Monday. Holy Siht! There's a lot of things happening out there. I ain't got time for this siht.

Mike of Cold Fury fame looks at "The two Americas", linking VodkaPundit in the process:

"There really are two Americas after all, it seems: one in which McCain, disagree with him though we may on some things, will always be honored for his valor in service to his country — and one in which Obama’s scummy traitor pals are undeservedly regarded in that same light, as “courageous” “heroes” in the Leftist cause of subverting everything this nation is supposed to stand for."
"Why would anybody care whether Obama was friends with some ex-hippie who protested the Vietnam War, way back when Obama was just a kid?

The answers is: Bill Ayers was more than a ‘war protester,’ and more than simply a ’60’s radical (let’s face it, Obama couldn’t set foot in a college faculty lounge without running into plenty of those). He was much, much worse than any of that."

Elsewhere, Stanley Kurtz is all over it. Do go read all of the above.

more soon


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