23 May 2011

The Hermanator declares

I'm in

so anyway, On Saturday, Herman Cain made his formal Presidential campaign announcement:

(h/t to the irreplaceable InstaPunk for the vid.)

Speaking of InstaPunk, he has an excellent post today about Cain's potential as a candidate. His introductory quote:

However, I can also foresee a set of circumstances -- "What ifs," if you will -- that could make Cain a surprisingly strong candidate in both the Republican primaries and the general election.
InstaPunk lays out quite a primer on Herman Cain's background and accomplishments. I'd excerpt more, but I'd end up cutting and pasting the whole thing. Do go read the whole thing forthwith.

I'll leave you with part of the conclusion:
In case you hadn't figured it out, I'm rooting for him. (I confidently expect that by nine a.m. this morning he knew more about the Right of Return {made up lefty issue that will never get any traction in negotiations} than I ever knew.) He's the most conservative candidate in the race. And maybe, just maybe, the one who has the best chance of winning on the issues.

Can't get excited about ciphers like Romney and Pawlenty. And who else is left?

Maybe the longshot is our only shot. You tell me. But imagine the final What if:
(emphasis mine)

Like I said, you must read the whole thing.

more soon



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