16 April 2012

BAG Day 2012

I may be a day early or a day late....

so anyway, either yesterday or tomorrow is BAG Day (Buy A Gun Day for the uninitiated).  The household finances here at Casa de Miguel prevented me from buying a gun (again this year), but I did manage to supplement the ammo locker:

I really need a better cell phone camera
100 practice rounds for the Ruger Speed Six, and 100 rounds of "poodle-shooter" (doG, I miss KdT) for the Chinese copy of a Soviet design that they ripped off from John Moses Browning (PBUH), all parked on the cowl of my Ford Earth-Fucker Expedition.  And if that's not enough to make the libtards' heads all 'splodey, I bought the ammo at.....WALMART!

(The Jolly Roger hanging in the background is just one of those happy photographic accidents, but I like it.)

veeshir of doubleplusundead fame has posted his annual BAG Day round-up.  Lots of cool stuff there.

more soon


At 17 April, 2012 00:59, Blogger Veeshir said...

Nice, that's a three-fer of making Gun Fearing Wussies (GFWs) heads splode.


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