06 November 2012

Election Day 2012


so anyway, I had a rude awakening this morning at the polling place.  Usually, I get to the polls around 6:55 AM, grab my ballot, vote, and am back in the car by 7:05 AM.

Not today.

I arrived at the polling place at 6:50 AM, and took my place at the end of the line, I figured I was 200 or so back (turns out I was 183rd in line).  For a small (but tiny!) semi-rural suburb of The Peoples' Republik of AnnArbor, the turn-out was HUGE!

At one point, one of the election workers apologized for how slow the line was moving.  I replied "That's OK, I've been waiting for four years already, another hour isn't a big deal"

Go VOTE!!!!

more soon


Stephen Green sums up the angst of the waiting; and also do go read his final wargaming of the electoral college


A time for choosing, indeed...

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