25 December 2012

WOOT! (Updated)

I love it when a plan comes together...

so anyway, it looks like the stars are aligning for yours truly.  For years, I have been meaning to get a concealed carry permit, but haven't been able to find the time to take the class and get it done.  Around these parts, the CPL classes are on weekends, and I just can't justify forsaking the family and my household responsibilities on a weekend.

So, lo and behold, one of the ranges that I frequent is offering a CPL class this Thursday!   WOOT!  Technically, I'm off work until 02JAN13, but I had already told the Oh.So.Progressive.(Soon.To.Be.Ex).Missus™ that I'd probably have to go in to work on Thursday and Friday.

"Probably" just became a certainty, IYKWIMAITYD.

So, I'll do the CPL class on Thursday; then on Friday, I'll go to the county court-house (in the Peoples' Republik of AnnArbor) and fill out all the forms...

of course, this plan depends on the CPL class still accepting participants.


more soon


I called first thing this morning and I am officially registered for the class.  WINNING!!!



At 26 December, 2012 16:04, Blogger Larry said...


At 27 December, 2012 15:00, Anonymous Neil said...

Good job - just in time for Feinstein to come and take your guns away...

and sorry to hear about the 'soon to be ex' missus thing...



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