23 June 2013

Notes from the week of 17JUN13

Road Trip!!!

so anyway, last week was kind of "non-standard", as I spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at our plant in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.  Business Travel: It's just like being on Vacation!

What if we looked at cars the same way we look at guns?

Jeff Goldstein publishes a powerful letter he received from one of his readers.  It will move you.

Scene from Wednesday's rally in Capitol City:  (Click on the picture for a panoramic view)

Goldstein, again: Remember: only fringe lunatics and hyperbolic talk show hosts believe we’ve entered a phase of soft tyranny and are watching the beginnings of a police state form around coalesced federal authority.
Breitbart: Capitol Hill police are trying to block activists attending Wednesday's "Audit the IRS" rally from also attending a nearly day-long press conference on immigration, hosted by Reps. Steve King and Louie Gohmert.

Glenn Beck's speech from Wednesday's rally in Capitol City

Via Bill Quick od DailyPundit fame, we find this:

Via professional blogger Doug Ross, this:

We will not surrender our handguns. We will not surrender our hunting arms. And we will not surrender our firearms of military pattern or military utility, nor their proper furnishings, nor the right to buy, to sell, or to manufacture such items.

 Read the whole thing(s).

more soon



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