07 September 2013

Saturday Night Video (with an ***Update***)

as much as I want to post Rainbow again, tonight we have Triumph

so anyway, I never really understood why this band didn't catch on to larger success.  I guess when you're a "power rock trio" from Canadia (my preferred spelling, it kinda classes up the joint)  and the name of your band isn't Rush you have a tough row to hoe.  Anyway, I've always liked the bands more popular songs. Here's one of my favorites:

Good stuff, that.  I have that album on vinyl, somewhere; and I still have a functioning turntable.  So when The Burning Times soon comes, I'll be your DJ.  My fees are steep, but reasonable, considering...
Triumph's Wiki page can be found here.
more soon
***Update****:  not to go all Lileks on you, but there's an Aldo Nova tie-in.  Stay tuned....



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