26 December 2005

The Lost Post (one of many)

it's like watching those antiques shows on PBS

I was snooping around in the nether regions of the Command Computer here at Casa de Heywood and I stumbled upon a NotePad copy of a rant from a couple of weeks ago. So, let's travel back to 16 December 2005 and see what was on my mind.....

I just couldn't let a fortnight go by un-posted

As you can well imagine, I've been freakin' busy (insert lame apology for lack of posting here / Brother-in-Blog: please call the office)

I've been working on the planks of my platform for when I run for President (2020 at the earliest, although I am accepting donations starting yesterday at 4:00 PM. I just love compound interest). It's much too early on in the 2020 Presidential race to spill the beans, but I'll give you a teaser: taxes flat, border fenced, Constitution Rules!
So anyway, this whole "torture" thingy has been in the news this week and I guess I should toss in my two peso's worth. Here's where I stand on the issue: When I'm President, anyone on the Federal payroll who's job description includes the duties of ".....interrogation of terrorists....." will be issued a Die-Hard battery, a set of jumper cables, a propane torch, a pair of Channel-Lock pliers, and a $1000 gift card for Craftsman tools (for any "last minute" items they may need).

My only direction to said Federal employees will be "Here's your stuff" and "We.Need.To.Know." nudge nudge wink wink

Snark aside, it's probably a good thing that We are eschewing torture as a policy. Not that torture was ever an official policy, but I just hate handicapping our people in their dealings with some of the planet's really rank ahssoles.

You'll hear the "ticking bomb" theory tossed about in the torture dialog. I gots news for you Jackson, if we have Achmed Mohammad Usfef Osama as a suspect in the interrogation room and there is a ticking bomb out there, what is and what is not "legal" is not going to be a topic in the debate. Our people at the sharp end of the stick will do what it takes to resolve the issue.
And, no. There will not be a debate over what the definition of the word "is" is.

I had more to say, but it's late again. Is it just me, or is Joe Lieberman talking all rational and siht? I've always thought that he's OK, and I hope he'll pick up Zell Miller's torch and run with it. Just a thought. Yes, I know: he's moving toward the center with an eye on '08.

Like I said, it's late, the mind wanders.

Courage (Resolve)
So, there you have it. And yes, I am accepting campaign contributions for the 2020 Presidential election.
More soon
Courage (Resolve)


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