15 May 2006

Contractual Obligation Post

Five? Six? You go count'em and let me know

I just caught tonight's speech on CSPAN and all I can say is: Yawn. Having the whole thing leaked out over the past 36 hours, there were no surprises for yours truely. I'm just glad I didn't participate in one of the "drinking games" associated with the speech, otherwise, I'd be 'faced by now. Wait a minute.....
Jim of Smoke on the Water fame sums it all up nicely. Right. What he said.
Tom Tancredo has an opinion on the subject as well. But you knew that.
Speaking of "yawn", it's a school night and all. More soon


At 16 May, 2006 07:25, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you sir, for this, and the many kind mentions in your preceeding posts.

I need to check my referal logs more frequently, it seems.

But still and again, thanks!

Sloop New Dawn
Galveston, TX


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