18 May 2006

Finally, a Voice of Reason

he has a point

One of my all time favorite bloggers, Jim of Smoke on the Water fame, has hit it smackly on the head:

And that's just in the ex post facto preamble to his post. If you bat from the Right side, you must read Jim's post.
I've long admired Jim's ability to cut through the bullsiht and lay things out with crystal clarity. He does not dissappoint with this entry. He make a very good point, we Right thinkers have taken to beating upon our fellow travellers over the borders / immigration issue. I'm in Jim's "Amen" column when he said:
The leftards are feeling all empowered, because all us right-wingnuts are bickering amongst ourselves. Do you blame them? If they were divided over the Patrick (Son of SpongeTedSquareLiver) Kennedy's drunk driving fiasco, we would be talking about their implosion.*
Do go read Jim's post. thatisall
*Not to equate Paddy Kennedy's situation with the clear and present danger of the border issue, just making a point with a current events item.


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