08 May 2006

Monday Evening

the post-title-writers strike continues
WOOT! Look at me, blogging at 10 PM! This is much better than logging in to Blogger at 11:37PM. No burning issues to light my fire, however. Alas, passionate topics and time to blog them seem to be mutually exclusive concepts.
I'm still holding my water on the Porter Goss situation, as well as General Hayden's nomination. I'll inch out on the limb and say this: Goss resigns on Friday, Hayden is nominated on Monday. I have a feeling that Hayden is going to be the DCI equivalent of the Harriet Meirs SCOTUS nomination. Nominating someone so quickly smacks of damage control, focusing the MSM news cycle on the DCI replacement rather than let them fester over the Goss resignation and whatever was behind it. Somewhere in the basement of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Karl Rove is laughing his ass off.
Since everyone and their brother, uncle, and second cousin all have theories on the Goss resignation, I'll add mine to the mix. Picture this: after the McCarthy situation, and the Double-Oh-Mom Valerie Plame-Wilson (who, as it turns out, was "outed" by her husband Joe Wilson. Ace links to The American Thinker for all the poop), where was I?
Right. After all that, Porter Goss storms into John Negroponte's office with a list of billy jeff blythe clinton appointees that he wants to purge. Negroponte balks on the request; they kick it up to the Oval Office, it get's balked again, and Goss resigns on principal. Hey, it could happen, right? It's better than this weak "Hookergate" story that's running around.
Elsewhere, around the league tonight; Austin Bay has some interesting things to say about the Straits of Hormuz. H/T to the Four Right Wing Wackos for the tasty linkage.
Crap, the dryer just stopped. I gotta geaux. More soon.


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