15 June 2006

Thursday Night

I need a random post title generator
so anyway, Lileks has a new Screed up on a memo from al-Zarqawi's replacement, and it's priceless. A taste:
Good stuff, that.

Continuing the "good news" department, it appears that excessive consumption of beer may prevent prostate cancer. H/T to Ace for the linkage. Can I get an "Amen", brother? At this rate, my prostate will live on cancer free to the ripe old age of 137. And I thought it couldn't get any better after Tuesday's news about how drinking coffee counteracts the affect of alcohol on the liver. At this pace, my internal organs will out live me by half a century.
In keeping with the oft-neglected policy of "more sleep = better blogging", I must go now. Plus, I gotta iron a shirt for tomorrow. I tell you, this capitalist pig routine takes some work. More soon.


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