21 June 2006

Wednesday Night

for the lack of a better title

so anyway, where to start?
I do not often refer to the Moscow on the Huron edition of Pravda (the AnnArbor News) in a positive light, but I have to give them credit when they get something right. As both of our long time readers will remember, back in March I posted a mini-rant on the cancellation of a local talk radio program, On The Edge with Thayrone; whom WAAM (AM 1600) had replaced with Dr.Freakin.Laura. The Moscow on the Huron edition of Pravda has published a piece lamenting the loss of Thayrone's program. Bravo to the AnnArbor News for getting something right.
James Lileks is spot on in his latest Newhouse column. H/T to Will over at VodkaPundit for the illumination.
The money quote of the day comes from Dennis Prager:
I like it. Read the whole thing.
Mark Steyn breaks down the Ann Coulter dust-up. It's all good; I'd have to repost the entire thing to do it justice. Do go read.
And at last, the long winter of our discontent is over. Bill Whittle has posted again, Rafts being the first installment of his latest work An American Civilization. Thank You, Sir! May I have another?


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