13 June 2006

Yes, I know it's late

but there are things you need to know

OK, children. I know it's late and a school night and all, but there's gobs and bunches of stuff out there that you want to know about.

Darth Rove is off the hook in the Plamegate deal. As in charges not forthcoming. The leftards are putting extra tin foil in their hats and wailing, not to mention gnashing their teeth. Ace and Jeff Goldstein (the Most Hated Blogger in the Universe) have the poop on the Leftard Reaction of the Day, from our "friends" over at the Daily Kos. (NO. I will not provide a link directly to the moonbats. Besides it being OFFICIAL POLICY not to do so, I no longer have the stomach to personally venture to the Dark Side.) Do go read, and have a tissue ready.
A blurb on the radio news this morning caught my ear, and after researching the subject there was much rejoycing. It seems that drinking coffee counteracts alcohol's effect on the liver. Yeah! Now we need medical science to prove that cheap vodka actually lowers cholesterol.
There's always more. It's late! Off to bed, children. Tomorrow is another day, and al-Zarqawi will still be dead.


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