12 August 2006

doG, it's late

and I am tired

so anyway, the frenetic pace continues. It really sucks to be a growd up.

As it is much later than I am comfortable with, I'll just toss out a few links and be done with it. Of course, I reserve the right to revise and extend......

And you wonder why I keep telling you to read Hog on Ice. This is Money. Steve takes on the TSA (and the real reason we have to deal with airport delays) with laser like precision, as per his usual. Bacon, indeed.
You know I'm a big fan of James Lileks, and with good reason. He Bleats and Screeds on the topics du jour with the kind of commentary that you just cannot start your morning without.
BlackFive has a very disturbing, yet completely spot-on post up. I'll pass it on without further commentary; but you must go read. After reading the post, go hug your children, and then pray death upon our antagonists. You are not going to like this. Indeed.
B.B.King just finished telling me that he's "Paying the Cost to Be The Boss". Righteous, Brother.
Ace had a good quote, but I lost it somewhere.


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