19 August 2006

Or Not

I knew this was going go happen

so anyway, remember when I said that I'd be travelling and should be postin' up a storm? Of course you don't.

So I get to Louisville and had convinced my travel companions to go to one of my favorite barbeque joints in Louisville for dinner (Mark's Feed Store, thanks for asking). On the fly, we decided that it was stoopid to take two rental cars, that we all should ride together. A minor alarm went off in the back of my brain at the time.

Note to self: when you have a rental car reserved and waiting for you, take it. Trust me.

Over dinner, one of my companions noted that there's a casino just across the river and wouldn't it be fun to go for an hour or so. As casinos rank just behind bowling alleys and golf courses on my big list-o-non-fun, I argued against.

The democratic process, that cruel bitch, conspired against me and I ended up sitting in a casino bar for two ands a half hours, drinking Guiness and watching baseball when I should have been drinking cheaper beer and blogging.

So instead of getting to the hotel around 8:30 PM and blogging for three hours; I get to sit in a casino bar forever and then get stuck behind a wicked accident on the freeway for over an hour and finally get to my room around midnight.

For a 5:00 AM wake up call. Which equals no blogging. Q.E.D.

Thursday night NorthWest deposited me in Jackson, Mississippi around 9:30 PM and by the time we had dinner and found the hotel and I got settled in it was pushing midnight again.

For another 5:00 AM wake up call. Which also equals no blogging.

Oh, the joys of business travel. It's just like being on vacation! Seriously, I left the fabulous Casa de Miguel at about 6:15 AM on Wednesday morning, and returned home at 10:45 PM on Friday night. Five flights, two hotels, three plants, 200+ miles of driving: it was an action packed 64 hours. And I get to get on a plane again on Monday. Imagine my joy.

I reserve the right to revise and extend at a later date. I'll explain my dis-taste for casinos some other time.


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