10 May 2008

The Next Right

and no, not three left turns

so anyway, Jon Henke of Q and O fame is hip deep in launching a movement.

I want to believe, I really do. I would love to see right wing activism in action. I would love to participate. Alas, I'm reminded of Frank J.'s opinion on why we don't see right wingers marching in the streets:

There are rarely large scale protests by right-leaning people on account of them having things called dignity and jobs.
Money quote from Henke:
That is not a sustainable state of affairs. The Republican Party isn't serving the Right, and the Right isn't likely to continue serving the Republican Party.

From time to time,
when it becomes necessary to throw off such entrenched politicians, we must provide new guards to ensure our future security.
Go ye therefore to The Next Right and sign up. Whilst electrons are still free


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