12 May 2008

Quick Question

it's been Monday all week

so anyway, I managed to blow out the transmission on the (Babe Magnet) WindStar on the way home from the office this evening, so my evening commute went from the normal 35 minutes to well over three hours. Imagine my joy.

My in-laws (to whom I would gladly give a kidney each) provided the "rescue ops" for this fiasco, and have loaned me one of their cars for the duration. Here's where my question starts:

The graciously offered car in question has (as does all of their vehicles) a particular bumper sticker that espouses a political view that is a quantum leap (several, actually) leftward from my political views. I mean, can you picture me tooling around in a Lincoln sporting an "Impeach Bush!" bumper sticker?

I thought not.

When they first installed it, I referred to it as the "Dick Cheney for President" bumper sticker. I thought it was a tremendously clever comment; my in-laws (and my wife), not so much.

What to do? Removing it is out of the question, that would be bad form in the face of such generosity. Thought the Second was to cover it with one of the Hillary! bumper stickers that TheMissus™ has "secreted" away in the laundry room cupboard.

How screwed up is that? Replacing a "Impeach Bush!" bumper sticker with a "Hillary!" sticker to appear more sane?

Fortunatly, "Obama"-labeled merchandise bursts into flame when in my presence. It's a Gift. The Force is strong within me, or some siht.

My solution was to cover the offensive slogan with tear-tape. Not familiar with the product? Picture black duct tape only about ninety-seven hundred times more sticky. A staple in The Stoopid Business™, it's horrendously over-priced for the consumer market, but us Stoopid Business™ yobs eat it up by the case-load.

Ask me again later why your next new car costs more than my first house. thatisall.

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