28 May 2008

A Stunning Revelation

I'm completely gobsmacked

so anyway, I get to my small (but tiny) Stoopid Business™ cubicle this morning, and go through my morning routine. As I was checking that my planner was up to speed, I noticed the "motivational quote of the day" at the top of the page:

Home is not where you live,
but where they understand you.

--Christian Morgenstern

Now, I am unfamiliar with C.Morgenstern and his (or her) body of work. My "go to" source for quotes, QuoteDB, doesn't list Morgenstern in their vast collection, so I still haven't got a clue. One thing I do know, for certain:

I'm homeless.

Quick! Somebody get me a bottle of Valu-Rite Vodka and a shopping cart.

There's so much more bloggable stuff out there, but I'm still completely gobsmacked. If you need me, I'll be over there, by the dumpster. thatisall


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