13 May 2008

There's something about Tuesdays

I gotta look into this

so anyway, I've been intending to post this since last Thursday: a follow up to my post from last Tuesday on the "missing" Department of State laptops. I've been busy, OK?

As I expected, Consul At Arms has the goods on the whole fiasco. He cites Outside the Beltway and Dead Men Working to make the point.

Turns out that "losing" things is often more of an accounting issue than a real security issue.

James Joyner on the subject:

Truly bizarre. My guess is that Bruce McQuain is on the right track here and that this is more a matter of bureaucratic incompetence rather than any serious security issue. Indeed, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the computers wound up pretty much where they were supposed to go but that the system for keeping track of them is so screwed up that we’ll never know for sure.
As I said last Tuesday:
Big organizations, such as the Department of State or a ginormous Stoopid Business™ corporation occasionally loses things. It happens.
Dead Men Working hits it smackly:
They may have been in a warehouse, but nobody knew where they were, and "not knowing where they are" is the definition of "lost."
Read the whole thing(s); you can thank me later. thatisall.


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