03 June 2008

Tuesday, 03 June 2008

yeah, it's that "Tuesday" thing again

so anyway, you need to mark next Thursday on your calendars. Via S.Weasel, a reminder that Thursday, 12 June 2008 is Carbon Belch Day

Yeah, I know, it's like so last Thursday; I've been busy, m'kay? I also saw mention of the event at Cold Fury and Thayrone has been all over it on the local radio. I have a family and a job, you know. That I can blog it at all is an accomplishment....

S.Weasel prefaces her "Carbon Belch Day" reminder with some well-deserved jabs at Pope Prius I (that's Albert Gore, Jr. to the uninitiated) and his daddy. Well played; good stuff, that.

Whilst you're at it, make sure you hit the Weasel Times & Stoat Intelligencer's entry for today (which is actually yesterday, 'cause you're reading this at work on Wednesday, but you know what I mean) which addressed the Lieberman-Warner legislation that is being debated in Congress even as I type!

Holy Siht, Batman! It's after MidNight! Again! I have a Stoopid Business™ meeting at 7:00 AM. doG, I hope the supplier brings bagels or something.....

I gotta go now. More soon.


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