07 June 2008

Wow! It's like Technology

or something

so anyway, I've finally managed to start figuring out how the radio audio system works on my first new car. It plays .mp3s! I am totally gobsmacked.

So, I start ripping some disks (or whatever the kids call "burning disks" these days. Please remember, I am not "hip". I'm relatively new to the whole .mp3 thingy). Do you have any idea how much siht you can put on a disk in the .mp3 format? With the 6-disk system, I figure I can have every rock and roll song that ever charted from 1967 to 1978 and then some. I think I can load up so much music that I can drive to the freakin' Moon and not hear the same song twice. Gobsmacked, I tell you.

But that's not why I stopped in to post tonight. In all my "ripping" frenzy, I happened to glance at the liner notes of Alan Jackson's Don't Rock the Jukebox (yes, I'm into the country CDs. All the blues, rock, and classical stuff got burned days ago).

Jackson's liner notes tell me that "We Only Have 10 Years To Save Our Planet", with helpful tips such as "Carpool", "Recycle", "Turn off lights", "Buy environmentally sound products", "Love and Respect All Life", and my personal favorite "Pressure Political Leaders".

We only have ten years! Keep in mind that Don't Rock the Jukebox was released in 1991. So, according to Mr.Jackson's liner notes, the planet Earth ceased to exist seven years ago.

In a way, he's right: the world as we knew it ceased to exist seven years ago, come September.

more soon.


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