15 September 2008

Monday, 15SEP08

49 days to go.....

so anyway, reports this morning suggest that Senator Obama may have violated the Logan Act. As DrewM. over at Ace of Spades HQ opines:

Let's be honest though, unless you are a member of the Cult of Obama, it's pretty clear he'd rather win an election than a war that might further US interests. Because of that, I can't say it's entirely out of the realm of possibility. It's all too possible that the man who parades around the country with his own presidential trappings (including his own 'presidential' seal and a plane dubbed O-Force One) might, from time to time, forget he is a mere Senator and a damn junior one at that.

It's important that our friends in the press question Obama about this (don't laugh, it could happen). After all if we've learned anything from the last few weeks is that all questions must be on the table. Questions like, what are the criminal penalties for violating the Logan Act anyway?

My take on the Logan Act violation: yeah, I can see Senator Obama going there. My money is on the "nothing's gonna happen about it", what with the liberal MainStreamMedia (redundancy alert) being all about the "O".

It looks like the ACORN problem has reared it's ugly head here in Michigan:
Elsewhere, Noel at Cold Fury (who recently celebrated their 7th blogoversiary, congratulations to Mike and his crew) made with teh funny over Charles Gibson's interrogation of Governor Palin. A taste:
Charlie Gibson: "First of all, I think we can all agree that Wasilla Machine Politics are endlessly, ENDLESSLY fascinating while Chicago Machine politics are BOR-ing! Move along, folks–nothing to see there! And now that we've settled that, let me ask you this, Gov. Palin;

Governor, please calculate the apogee and perigee of an Intercontinental Ballistic Missle in flight. You may not use a calculator and please show all work. You have 30 seconds.

And while we're waiting, let me ask Sen. Obama a question. And I don't want the pat answer you give everybody else; Senator, what is your favorite color, sir? I mean your real favorite....."

Read the whole thing. That's some inspired siht, right there.

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