22 September 2008

Monday 22SEP08

42 days to go.....
so anyway, the always salient Bill Whittle has another post up at National Review Online, The Undefended City:
The Washington Times takes a sober look at all the "Palin-bashing" that seems to be all the rage amongst the short bus crowd and the potential repercussions thereof:
The big news of the day which, in a sane and just world, should have been front page news and the lead story on every national "newscast":

Dr.Rusty Shackleford has the goods on the "astroturfing" that Senator Obama's campaign is sponsoring. It is a well-researched expose and worth every minute to takes to read it.
The list goes on and on. Please read soonest. Ace has updates on this story as well. As I said before, we cannot allow the left to shape the narrative.

more soon


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