27 September 2008

Monday 29SEP08

35 days to go.....also known as the "Oh, Hells NO!" post

so anyway, whilst everyone's attention is drawn to the current financial crisis, there are other things going on that you don't know. Bad.Things. Doubleplusundead points us to the tip of the iceburg, in re: Senator Obama's real view of guns and the people who cling to them.

Both DPUD's opening line and Stephan "VodkaPundit" Green's rejoinder both point to the post at issue: Sebastian of Snowflakes in Hell fame and his "Obama Silencing Voice of Gun Owners" post:

Barack Obama’s campaign is trying to silence the National Rifle Association’s latest ad campaign using strong arm tactics by threatening them with possible legal action if they run the ads...
[insert your own "cold, dead fingers" sentiment here]

Commenter Carl in Chicago (who probably knows a thing or two about restrictive gun laws)
weighs in on the debate at Snowflakes in Hell:
I suspect this whole incident is going to backfire on the Obama campaign. I suspect they are banking on the fact that the NRA has been marginalized (and radicalized) by the mainstream, and are banking on their hope that gun owners are really a silent minority of “dumb rednecks.”

I also believe that the force with which the NRA has come out there was a wise tactic to garner more attention than would otherwise have been given them.

You know, what is unfortunate about the polarization of these two “views” is that it widens the “culture gap” or fuels the fire of the “culture wars.” We that support the 2A become more galvanized around what we know to be true, whereas the typical (and unbelieveably numerous) anti-gun and anti-NRA folks will become even more bigoted and entrenched in their dismissive views of the gun owners in general and the NRA in particular.

It’s sad.

But I still think that the gun control issue is one of the hot-button issues on which the so-called “left” persues to their detriment … just like the gay rights and right to choice issues are those hot-button issues that the so-called “right” persues to it’s detriment.

Take your pick. Neither party is squeaky clean when it comes to the honor and respect of individual rights.
Read the whole thing(s), please. Related: Senator Obama's plans for dis-arming America.

The financial crisis is too fluid to remark on now, the dust still hasn't settled from this afternoon's House defeat of the "bail-out" bill, and the big sell-off on Wall Street.

As an interesting intellectual exercise, try searching on the words "truth squad"+Missouri+Obama. Scary siht, that. Stalin would be so proud.....

more soon


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