08 November 2008

Saturday 08NOV08

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so anyway, as the dust settles on the whole election thingie, it's interesting to see the immediate reax to the outcome. By and large, the dextrosphere has been quite gracious about President-Elect Obama. We on the Right understand that the Office and the will of the people are due respect.

I offer up an example from my brother Thayrone, excerpted from an e-mail he sent painfully early on Wednesday morning:

Will our new President lead on those issues and responsibilities I listed above, will he take up for the challenge? Barak Obama at this point is still very much a wishful thinking over logic kind of guy (that's what the sea of shiny, happy, teary-eyed, beaming faces in Grant Park, Chicago voted into office). He's 'hope'. Hope is not a bad thing But hope is just that, wishful thinking. I invoke 'hope' every time I buy a lottery ticket. Being the first African-American President is irrelevant. It's historic but irrelevant on central American job issues. What's relevant is facing the hard reality of being substance over form. Barak Obama now has to face the reality of job we gave him. At this point I'm on his side. I'm rooting for him. I have to.
The "Our President" theme has been the predominant sentiment around the Right end of the blogosphere ever since the returns started coming in. I'll leave it to you, dear reader, to compare and contrast our response to the election results to that of the Left in 2000 and 2004.

Stark contrast, indeed.

Color me firmly in the "respect the Office" camp.

As a tangential leap, the whole flap over wearing (or not wearing) the flag pin on the lapel has really pissed me off. During the abysmal years of the (first and only) Clinton administration, I never once failed to sport a flag on the lapel whilst wearing a proper jacket. Nor did I shy away from flying The Colors from my front porch, or on my vehicle.

I'm an American, dammit. It's what I do. I may agree with, or dis-agree with the current administration, but in the big picture It's.Country.First. Period. Full Stop.

If your version of "Country First" is contingent on who holds The Office, I suggest that you are part of the problem.

There was more, but it's gotten late early again.

more soon


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