29 June 2009

Two Observations

pretty good for a Monday.....

so anyway, I took a break from the job search this afternoon and pinged a couple of my "daily reads". Hey, job-hunting is hard work, OK? You gotta take a break every now and then.

First off, Smitty over at The Other McCain has posted a round-up of TheFred's! recent commentaries. Note to Smitty: Hells yes! We want more of TheFred! I whole-heartedly agree with Smitty's assessment:

".....Voting for him in the Republican Primary was a real treat last year. Granted, he was out of the race, but what a refreshing thing, to vote one's conscience!....."
Me too, Smitty. If you people had listened to us, last Fall it would have been TheFred / Palin ticket instead of the Maverick / Palin ticket. But I digress.....

And this, from Darleen Click over at Protein Wisdom:
"Any person, and I mean any person who advocates for “green” energy while rejecting nuclear is a fraud. A lying, misanthropic, baby-hating Luddite."
Amen, Sister. More on the topic of "green energy" later.

As always, read the whole things.

Closing question: would Jesus wear a Rolex on his television show? Discuss.

thatisall. We'll have words soon.


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