07 October 2009

B.O.H.I.C.A., Part the Second

I thought we covered this?

so anyway, it looks like Harry Reid (D-NV) is going to foist a "Dirty Sanchez" on the American people:

Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., is weighing a plan to bring the final health care bill to the floor without a public option -- making it much easier to get the 60 votes needed to prevent a Republican filibuster -- and then adding the provision later as an amendment.

The public option amendment would be there waiting, but the 60-vote test would technically be on a bill without the government plan. Then moderate Democrats could drop out for the vote on the public option, which requires just 51 votes for passage.

h/t to Ace for the quotage.

It also looks like the Senate RINOs are on board with this, which leads Stacey McCain to opine:

"....As if, until today, Republican Senators were a formidable phalanx of conservative stalwarts standing on guard to defend our liberties against the unconstitutional schemes of the Left?

Are we talking about the same Republican wussies who
endorsed Charlie Crist in Florida? The effeminate weaklings who supported John McCain for the 2008 GOP presidential nomination? So far as anyone can tell, there is not a single Republican in the Senate who possesses a sound brain, a straight spine and a functioning set of testicles.
Emphasis mine, of course.

So it looks like B.O.H.I.CA. will run it's course, thanks to Harry Reid (D-Outer Space) and the "asleep-at-the-switch" RINOs in the Senate. Wankers. Wankers, one and all.

"Senate GOP Senate Jellyfish Caucus", indeed.

more soon.


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