06 September 2009

Subtle, but Blunt

Noel wields the velvet hammer

so anyway, I'm late to the "Van Jones goes Under the Hope-n-Change Bus" party, and I'm just starting to read the re-acts about the 'sphere. Noel over at Cold Fury sneak in some excellent snark in his post on Dear Leader's speech to TheChildren™. Subtle, yet spot on:

Just because Democrats have conspired to keep schoolkids trapped in union schools and now want to lecture their captives and just because Obama sends his own kids to private school in Washington while removing that choice from other DC kids and just because Obama won’t release his own school records which show how he got straight A’s in “America Sucks 101″ and just because he and cop-killer Bill Ayers spent years on “education reform” which largely consisted of funneling money to Communist front groups and just because “How can I help my Leader?” has the whiff of fascism about it because in America leaders are supposed to serve the people and not vice versa, that’s no reason to keep your kids from watching the President’s speech.

But his math skills are.

With unemployment at 10%, he spent $30 Billion dollars to create one Green Job–and now he’s fired the guy!

Embolding, mine. Do go read the whole thing.


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