22 December 2009

Curious observations

up is down, black is white, Donny is Marie (to paraphrase Jeff G. of ProteinWisdom fame)

so anyway, it's not everyday that you find the brighter lights of the right side of the blogosphere praising one of the left's leading voices. But, it's true!

First, Dennis the Peasant of Dennis the Peasant fame named Jane Hamsher of firedoglake the "Best Political Blogger of 2009". Color me stunned, but Dennis has his reasons:

OK, I'm sure this one's got you scratching your head. Jane's a true-blue progressive and I'm the sort of conservative who'd just as soon serve polar bear in a mushroom sauce as cut back on my carbon footprint. But hear me out on this one. Jane isn't winning because I agree with her politics, she's winning because she - and she alone - has been utterly fearless in documenting (and criticizing) Bambi Obama's complete sell-out of progressives over health care, er, insurance reform.

Where just about every other Democrat/liberal/progressive blogger on the planet is now attempting to polish the turd that is Obama's health care, er, insurance reform, Jane Hamsher has stuck to her principles rather than equivocate for the sake of The One's political legacy.

You have to wonder what Bambi could have done had he been born with a pair the size of Jane's.

Read the whole thing.

Next, Ace mentions Ms.Hamsher's appearance on FoxNews:

Jane Hamster on FoxNews: Hey, Defeat ObamaCare, It Will Increase Taxes on the Middle Class

Right, then. Good on Ms.Hamsher for maintaining her integrity.

As an aside: I stopped reading "left / progressive" blogs (Kos, DemocraticUnderground, insert-your-own-crazy-here, etc.) three or four years ago, because I couldn't afford to keep "going Elvis" on semi-expensive monitors and repairing other not-so-minor property damage that it drove me to. Of course, the time-frame in which I was regularly reading the leftards was at the peak of their "Bush Derangement Syndrome". Who knows, maybe they've gotten over the whole BDS thingie and we can resume a healthy debate.

Or not. It's not like I'm holdin' my breath or anything....

more soon


At 23 December, 2009 21:42, Anonymous Anonymous said...

you got my curiosity on all this. I'll have to check the links out.

Merry Christmas!


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