20 January 2012

Tale of Woe

My real life continues to suck out loud

so anyway, the suck factor in my daily life has been turned up to eleven over the past several weeks, not that the past decade has been that stellar. Several months ago, I wondered "Should I live-blog my divorce?" Sadly, things have taken a turn for the (much) worse since then.

Since my mother-in-law passed away suddenly back in March '11, TheMissus™ has been more paranoid than usual about heart disease. Our new doctor recommended that TheMissus and I both get a Coronary Calcium Scan. We did so. On a scale of 0 to 400 (the lower the better), I came in at a score of 1. TheMissus™ got a perfect score of 0, but in the analysis, they saw a spot on her lung.

My wife has never been a smoker but you know where this is going.

The spot on the lung led to a CAT scan to confirm it was there, which led to a PET scan to confirm what it was, which led to surgery to remove it. The initial biopsy read adneocarcinoma, so they removed the lower lobe of her lung. The detailed pathology showed lymphatic involvement.

Which means Stage 3A Cancer. Which means a five-year survival rate of 20%.

The Genetial Twinlets are 12, TheBoy is 7. Yes, there are some maths required.

To top it off, the surgical epidural didn't "take", so TheMissus™ came out from under general anesthesia with nothing on board for pain control after having half of a lung removed.

We went from a routine screening exam on 08DEC11 to a lobectomy on 04JAN12.

more soon


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