14 November 2011

Dress Rehersal for the Coming Zombie Apocalypse

I've been thinking the same thing, with a twist.....

so anyway, Bill "Daily Pundit" Quick some thoughts on the true, underlying nature of the #OccupyWhatever crowd:

The Marxist organizers are less concerned with what happens to the encampments over the next few weeks than they are with establishing the ability to roll out sizeable numbers of useful tools into the streets as a strategic countermeasure to the much larger Tea Parties, which will begin to make their presence public again as the election draws closer.

They foresee bands of black-masked Occupiers attacking and scattering any legally organized demonstrations the Tea Party may arrange for. The cops can’t do it, but these new Obama Brown Shirts can, while the cops look the other way.

He has a point, I hadn't thought of the "disrupt the TEA Party's rally" angle. Since this whole #OccupyWhatever situation started, I've viewed it as a dress rehearsal for the Zombie Apocalypse to disrupt the 2012 Elections.

We live in interesting times, mi amigos.

more soon

The astute reader will note that I have added Bill Quick's most excellent "Daily Pundit" blog to the blogroll. I should have added him years ago.



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