27 February 2012


I still do not have a clue...

so anyway, the primary polls open in nine and a half hours and I have yet to decide who I am voting for.  Mostly, I'll be voting against.  Mostly.

Laup Nor (to the un-initiated, read it backwards) is right out.  (True story: I used to live in his District, several lifetimes ago.  See also: Story, Long)

Newt? Ah, no.  Do I think he'd make a good President?  Maybe, probably.  I'm not giving any weight to the "un-electable" argument; remember, in the summer of 1980 Ronald Reagan was considered by many to be un-electable.  Newt represents a "target rich environment" for the democrats and the media (BIRM).

Romney?  He's the one with the baggage problem (Romneycare).  Uninspiring.  Running on his resume, rather than on a vision for the way forward.

Which leaves Santorum.  A couple of weeks ago, I was really starting to warm up to Santorum, but then he opened his mouth and crazy started pouring out.  Listen, I understand social issues.  I don't disagree with much of what he's saying, but to paraphrase Leslie Neilson in Airplane!: "...but, that's not important right now..."  We need to fix the fiscal right now, the social can wait.

meh.  It's gotten late early again.

more soon



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