09 July 2012

Tales from the road

unfortunately, this is not a BBQ post...

so anyway, The Stoopid Business has me in Bennington, Vermont for the week, and I've made a few observations:

First, Vermont has some strange liquor laws, as evidenced by this little gem on the hotel's info card;\;
"Please note that due to strict Vermont state liquor laws, you are not allowed to bring alcohol into the inn from outside"
WTF?  Really?  Really?

Second, there's this:

The astute reader will note that there are two keys on the keyring.  I asked the guy at the [redacted] counter about this when I picked up the go-kart.  He confirmed that the replacement cost was $225 per key.

"But there are two keys here" I said.  I received a blank stare for an answer.

And finally, the "BBQ" reference.  As is my habit, I asked around the plant today as to where I could find some BBQ.  The responses ranged from mild eye-rolling to out-right laughter.

(Note to self: you could make a million dollars if you set up a (mediocre) BBQ joint in Bennington, Vermont.  The people, they are hungry for the pork.)

more soon


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