07 August 2012

Gas prices on the rise again

unexpectedly...but the Government assures me there's no inflation

so anyway, gas prices are back up in the $4.00+ / gallon range again...unexpectedly!  I decided it was time to break the pump tags out again

Sam's Club, pump No. 1 again (I'm a creature of habit).

Speaking of gas prices, a glimpse into the Hell that is my personal life.  True story: on Saturday, I drove TheMissus™ and the Genetical Twinlets to a "shamanism" event (it's a horridly long story, don't ask) in The Peoples' Repubic of AnnArbor.  Driving into the belly of the beast, we passed a BP station that was selling regular un-leaded (yes, I'm old enough to recognize that "regular un-leaded" is an oxymoron.  My lawn.  Get off it.) for $4.09 / gallon.

TheMissus™ saw the sign and said something to the effect of "....$4.09? $4.09 per gallon!?! That fucking George Bush just keeps fucking things up for this country..."

I shit you not.  Three and a half years into the worst Presidency and worst economy in the history of this great nation, and she's still blaming Bush 43.

Now, maybe, Dear Reader, you can see why I consider living alone in a 10' by 48' trailer on the outskirts of town a dramatic improvement to my personal quality of life.

Anyhoo, as Captain Smollett once said "I have either said too much or said too little"

more soon

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