23 November 2012

The Gods of Wisdom and Virtue

Whittle does poetry....who knew?

so anyway, Bill Whittle modernizes Kipling:

On Whittle and poetry:  I like Whittle's Afterburner, Firewall, and Trifecta work, but I really miss his long form essay work from back in the EjectEjectEject days.  Every four or six or eight months, he'd drop 10,000+ words of wisdom and the blogosphere would glow with white-hot phosphorescence for a couple of weeks.  Then again, I'm one of those sick, twisted freaks who would rather read ten thousand words than watch a ten minute video.

As for poetry; I am not what you'd consider an authority.  Sure, I can recite The Charge of the Light Brigade and Casey at the Bat from memory, my Kipling experience begins (and ends) with Tommy.

That said, I did search out the grave-site of Robert Frost, when I found myself in Bennington. Vermont this summer

"Who's woods they are I do not know, His house is in the village, though"

Miles to go before I sleep, and all that siht.

more soon


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