29 December 2012

A Day Well Spent

Woot! does not begin to cover it....

Yes, this document has been mildly altered

so anyway, yesterday I did the training day required for a concealed pistol license.  A day well spent, says I.

I've been meaning to get my concealed carry permit for years, but could never find / justify the time to do an all day training class, as they were always offered on weekends.

I did suffer an embarrassing moment, as I had a mechanical failure after my first shot.  My first shot from my  Tokarev M213 was in the 10-ring, then that little Chi-Com fucker wouldn't cycle.  It ejected the first spent case, but when I applied my booger-hook to the bang-switch nothing happened,  Hammer back, everything looked ready to go; bang switch: nothing.  I'll be taking it apart to see just what's the matter tomorrow.

The bright side of this event is that the range comped me a Glock 17 to complete the course.  I had never shot a Glock before, I was favorably impressed.

more soon

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At 29 December, 2012 19:38, Blogger Larry said...

The 17 is nice. I'm looking at a 19 to compliment my 36, the 9mm is a lot cheaper to feed than .45ACP and the two are about the same size.

Congrats on passing the class!


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