09 March 2013

Shocked, but not really surprised

it's an odd combination...

so anyway, I was in the local Walmart this afternoon, and per my usual, I went straight to the ammo aisle and found this:

Completely empty ammo case, Walmart, Saline, Michigan
Completely bare shelves.  To the left of the case is where they display the shot shells, they're mostly gone as well.

I struck up a conversation with an older gent (I'm 50, so "older" to me is mid to late sixties) about the lack of available ammo.  It was almost like he'd been reading Supply Side Politics 2.0.  He went on about how he wasn't going to the range because he wasn't sure he could replace the ammo.

As we were talking, another older gent (see definition above) walked up and shook his head at the empty ammo case.  He joined right into the conversation, leading off with something about the "Government buying up all the ammo".  We were having a regular Vast Right Wing Conspiracy (of three) when the Walmart guy came down the aisle.  The three of us starting peppering him with questions, most of which started with "What The Fuck..."

As it turns out, the glass door on the ammo case broke and they had no way to secure the ammo, so they moved what little there was to the back room.  Not that they had much ammo to begin with, but there you are.  Look at the (admittedly bad cell-phone) picture again:  there's no glass on the left had side of the right hand side of the case (Read that again..slowly.  It actually does make sense).

Whilst I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm a firm believer in the James Bond Goldfinger line of "...once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times it's enemy action...".  If any of you out there across these fruited plains sees or hears of ammo being pulled because of a "broken ammo case" please let me know by posting a comment on any post here at Supply Side Politics 2.0.

more soon

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