09 June 2013

Notes from the week of 03JUN13

It was an odd week...

so anyway, the pickins' are slim this week.  I still haven't found an adequate work-around for not having DropBox on my work tube, and have had to resort to e-mailing the file to myself.  I'm a little less keen on using DropBox, as it has been speculated on the inter-web net-tubes that it is a prime target for this NSA surveillance we've heard so much about this week.  I'm in deep shit when they survey my DropBox, 'cause 90% of what I have in the "cloud" rips on prog-tards in general and TFG in specific.  And why is there a helicopter hovering over Casa de Miguel?

When you're abducted by aliens (or gastroenterologist) first thing on a Monday morning, you're in for a weird week.  I'd tell the story, but Dave Barry told it much better years ago.  And it's not 17,000 feet long; it's 1.8 meters (approx. 5.9 feet) long.  If you're 50 or older, just do it.  It's the best ½ hour nap you've ever had.

So, on to the show.  As it turns out, we're "video heavy" this week, so I'm putting it below the fold:
If you get your "news" from the MFM, you probably haven't seen this.  Watch it now.

Bob Owens revisits What you'll see in the rebellion with When The Levee Breaks.  Read them both; then go read Bob Owens every day hereafter (link in the blogroll)

Holy Shit, Batman!  I captured this mid-week, but had not watched it until two minutes ago.

As it turns out, I found the Bridenstine vid over at Protein Wisdom

The only other item in the file was the YouTube code for last night's video, which I shant repeat

more soon



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