02 June 2013

Notes from the week of 27MAY13

It's a bit disjointed...

so anyway, my employer handed me a shiny new laptop (exactly like the one I had before, only newer) on Thursday morning and put the kibosh on the use of Dropbox.  I has a sad.

So my practice of keeping a Notepad file in the cloud and working off that regardless of which 'puter I'm on is in a state of flux.  I'm trying to find a way to hack my way into admin rights (in a way that won't get me fired) so I can add Dropbox, Skype, and the all-important Lego Digital Designer (teh bestest time-suck evah!)

So this is a bit disjointed.  So disjointed, that, although the time stamp says Sunday, I'm actually finally getting this posted on Wednesday evening.  Because: Reasons.  Anyhoo, let's light this candle....


For whatever reason, Supply Side Politics 2.0 is getting traffic from the IPS "China Mobile Peoples Telephone Company Limited".  Which is cool, I guess.  And kind of odd.

Soopermexican has an advance copy of the *spit* income tax *spit* return form that conservatives will have to file for the 2013 tax year.

Billy Hollis of Q and O fame posts an open letter to the Washington Post:  Hey, Washington Post. I got yer questions, right here.

Bill Whittle's Afterburner: Real People

Ted Cruz delivers the Commencement Address at Hillsdale College:


Tyler Durden puts us some knowledge about solar panels and China

Jeff Goldstein opines on the IRS scandal

What do you know?  I had the link to Whittle's Afterburner above; I'll save you from having to click through, here's the vid:

æ Copy this character and save it somewhere.  It might come in handy someday.

BOMBSHELL: David Gergory reveals that Leon Panetta told Holder to do something about James Rosen

another round-up next Sunday



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