08 June 2013

Saturday Night Video

and a programming note....

so anyway, tonight's video is from the Eagles, who were quite possibly the hugest band of the 1970's.  This is from their second album Desperato (1973), buried on the second side, and I'm sure it received zero point nothing worth of radio air-time at the time.  This has been one of my favorite songs for over thirty years.

Given that the band members pretty much all turned out to be flamin' prog-tards, it cracks me up to see them  dressing up "cowboy" and playing with guns.
Now for the programming note.  Whilst searching for tonight's video, I kept getting hits for The Rocky Horror Picture Show and for Glee.  I will have none of either.  I labeled this series "What Ever Happened to Saturday Night" for the song featured above.  It seems that I have chosen poorly.
This series will be labelled "Saturday Night Video"
more soon+



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